Centre of Excellence
Environmental Technologies
Jamova 39
1000 Ljubljana

The Centre of Excellence "Environmental Technologies" was active in the period 2004 – 2007; now the project activities continue as common R&D projects.




The “Environmental Technologies” Centre of Excellence brings together the resources of research institutes and universities with the needs of enterprises and industry so as to assure an integral approach and solutions to environmental problems. 14 interdisciplinary R&D projects, currently in progress, deal with a broad variety of environmental problems: development of analytical methods, application of sustainable methods of wastewater treatment, as well as development and optimisation of new environmentally sound production technologies. The vision of the Centre is to develop competitive knowledge, technologies and products which will preserve the environment in line with the principles of sustainable development. Through the Centre, a network of research and engineering capacities was formed that is capable of increasing the innovation potential of the Slovene economy, accelerating the regional development and to offer new possibilities of education and training in R&D and technology. The Centre provides innovative methods and fields of co-operation with enterprises and industry to young researchers from the academic sphere and at the same time, access to top research facilities and knowledge to partners from industry.

Head of center

dr. Milena Horvat
Department of Environmental Sciences
Jožef Stefan Institute
Jamova 39
SI - 1000 Ljubljana

Tel.: (01) 5885 389
Fax: (01) 5885 346
e-mail: milena.horvat@ijs.si


dr. Sonja Lojen
Tel.: (01) 5885 393
Fax: (01) 5885 346
e-mail: sonja.lojen@ijs.si


Barbara Korc
Tel.: (01) 5885 355
Fax: (01) 5885 346
e-mail: barbara.korc@ijs.si